Mitsuda Spray Nozzle Groups

Spoon Nozzles

Although the spray geometry is Fan Spray - V shape, the mouth of the nozzle is extended in a spoon shape. Thanks to this structure, a higher impact - impact effect is obtained than a spoon nozzle operating at the same flow and pressure as normal fan spray nozzles.

The water flowing over the mouth extension of the nozzle for a while forms a thin film of water in this region and creates a curtain when it leaves the nozzle. The water curtain formed maintains this structure for a while without breaking down into droplets. The striking effect of the water curtain is higher than the spray that breaks down into its droplets. Another feature of spoon nozzles is that they can achieve wide spray angles. This group of nozzles is especially preferred for food washing, potato cleaning on conveyor, surface preparation baths before painting, engine block and part cleaning processes where high impact effect is required.