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Food Industry Nozzles

Many types of spray nozzles are used for a variety of uses in food production and processing, including cleaning, draining, drying, coating, deodorization, sanitation, molasses spraying, and nitrogen infusion. We offer a wide variety of products, as well as customized products using our nozzle technology.

We can optimize our spray dryers by customizing the type of nozzle used based on your needs, including high-performance pressure nozzles, Single-Fluid Nozzles, and two-, three-, and four-fluid nozzles. We can also find the most appropriate material using our incredibly hard materials to combat wear.


Moisturizing / Humidification

- Humidifying a storage space to keep product at specific humidity percentage
- Humidify proofing and baking ovens
- Adding water to produce as it moves along a conveyor line

Washing / Cleaning

Tank Cleaning
- Products storage tanks
- Cooking kettles
- Mixers / Blenders
- Ovens and baking equipment
- Freezers

Tote Cleaning
- Cleaning totes or drums used to hold honey, molasses, dyes, flavorings, or other ingredient

Conveyor Cleaning
- Removing unwanted residue from conveyor lines

- Rinsing of products, produce, or ingredients (e.g. vegetable wash)

Dust Control

- Spraying water to prevent dust clouds when processing produce


- Coating pans, molds, or conveyors with release agents


- Applying a thin layer of flavoring or additive on top of food product
- Apply sanitizers to food products

Air Blow Off

- Use compressed air to blow water, dust off of bottles or containers

Foam Control

- Mitigate foam which occurs during certain mixing and other food processing applications


- Chilling meat or produce before and after processing
- Containers after cooking or pasteurization
- Liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels

Spray Drying

Create powder products from solutions and slurries by spraying into a heated chamber - Milk
- Whey
- Baby formula
- Yeast
- Cheese

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