Spray Nozzle Industries

Petrochemical Industry Nozzles

FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) Feed Nozzle

- Atomize crude oil feed using steam and inject into riser where it reacts with powdered catalyst
- Two-phase flow with high particulate count requires large free passage and homogenous mixing
- Contact Mitsuda for FCC feed nozzle applications

Torch Oil

- Apply heat to various processes including FCC re-generators during start-up to heat catalyst by injecting light oi
l - Also used to control rate of cooling during shut-down
- Fine atomization is a requirement for efficient burn


Distillation Nozzles

- Vacuum distillation is used by the petroleum industry in many parts of the refining process to separate hydrocarbon fractions
- Nozzles are used to atomize the process liquid, increasing its exposed surface area and thereby increasing the evaporation rate and separation efficiency
- In vacuum towers, where the gas side pressure drop must be low, packing is often used instead of trays. Nozzles uniformly wet the packing, over which the gas flows and contacts the liquid.

Chemical Injection Nozzles

- Inject various reactants, scavengers, inhibitors, or other chemicals throughout many processes
- Wash water injection nozzles are used at various points in the process of refining crude oil into its component fractions
- Mitsuda can design a custom injection lance specific to your application to ensure proper fabrication, installation, and operation.

Waste Disposal

- Evaporative Disposal
Spray wastewater to increase evaporation efficiency
- Incineration Disposal
Injection of waste or byproducts into an incinerator
- Fine atomization is required to maximize surface area for these reactions

CCR Lift Lines/Refinery Piping

- DUR O LOK couplings are all purpose lightweight connectors designed to replace standard pipe flanges
+ Compact and lightweight design can reduce length and outside diameter by 30%-50% and weight by 60%-90% when compared to standard flanges
+ Full port design features a non-restrictive, smooth inner bore that reduces pressure drop

Fire Protection and Safety

- Spray nozzles provide personnel and system protection throughout the production and distribution process from offshore drilling platforms to refining to storage tanks
- Mitsuda offers nozzles for open-type fire protection systems:
+ Deluge Fire Protection
+ Water Mist
+ Marine Fire Suppression
+ Water Wall

- Toxic Gas Mitigation
+ The fine mist of water sprays can absorb toxic gases in the event of a leak


- Scrubber nozzles are used to remove pollutants and other chemical contaminants from a process fluid
- Mitsuda offers nozzles for a wide variety of scrubbing systems
+ Packed Towers
+ Open Towers
+ Venturi Scrubbers

Gas Cooling/Quenching

- Nozzles are used for quenching in a wide variety of petrochemical applications to control process temperatures and protect equipment