A pump is a pump that uses a liquor to perform the work of another liquefied (or solid) pump, mixing the unloading pump, mixing the unloading pump, and mixing the tank unloading pump. Drivers are developed to provide the best performance under certain conditions. The actuators provide the best results from spraying applications. In this way, the use of the actuators saves time and increases the quality of the surface treatment applications. The editors are designed in different varieties so that you can use them in different applications. They eductor;

• Provides savings in heating costs.
• Reduces the use of rinse aid.
• Reduce the need for ventilation of the environment in which it is used.
• Affects the brightness of the coating positively.
• The distribution and properties of the chemical mixtures in the coated areas are the same all around, reducing the thickness differences
• Mixing Eductor It prevents the formation of bubbles and pits on the coated surfaces.
• Provides faster and more efficient coverage.
• Time saving saves working capacity.
• Allows the chemicals in the bath to dissolve homogeneously in a short time without sedimentation.
• Allows the filtrate to separate the impurities present in the solution, preventing the sedimentation of the bottom.
• Ensures that temperature and chemical distribution throughout the canyon are of the same quality.