Flat Spray Nozzles

Flatjet spray nozzles are the most used spray nozzles with flow rates, spray angles, a wide variety of material options and connection apparatus of all types and sizes, clamp systems.

Flatjet spray nozzles provide fan vacuum cleaner spray geometrical shot during shooting.

V JET spray nozzles that offer solutions in many sectors with their simple and easy use and ease of supply have entered all areas of the industry.
FlatJet spray nozzles are processed with high technology in desired sizes and widths, thus firing and spraying at desired spray angles and flow rates are provided.
Quick-disconnect fittings, dovetail insertion connections, and spigot connection accessories can be applied for these types.
Some uses are as follows; many washing processes, surface preparation baths before painting and coating, spray coating, cooling, quenching, foam control, water curtains, dampening of parts or media, rinsing, dust control, dust suppression, dosing, steel production and hundreds of different applications. .
It is used in areas such as cleaning, surface treatments, filter cleaning, belt cleaning, lubrication, coating, sprinkler, roller cooling, belt lubrication, moistening of food products, lubrication of sheets, washing and phosphating processes, degreasing.