Full Cone Nozzles

Multi-orifice nozzles with larger body structures than standard nozzles have at least 2 orifices on them. In general, 7 orifice bodies are the most common type, providing efficient operation and large spray combing area even at low pressures such as 1 bar. Since the fed flow is divided into 7 in the nozzle, fine mist cloud spraying from the orifices is possible. The most common uses are dust suppression, gas cooling, particle retention, rapid cooling, fire fighting, foam killing and so on. In applications where multi-orifice nozzles are used, it is recommended to use a line filter.
The main feature of the side-fed, filled conical spray nozzles is that there is a 90 degree angle between the inlet of the liquid from the feed line and the outlet direction of the spray. The flow rate is realized by combining both the nozzle orifice and the inner orifice in the body with the correct values. While the part with the nozzle orifice is threaded and removable in some models, the orifice is directly processed on the body in some models. No particles are placed in the nozzle to create a filled cone spray geometry, so it is extremely clog-resistant. Although cooling, washing, dust suppression and gas conditioning are the most typical applications, they can be used in cases where filtering is insufficient and the sprayed liquid is rough.
Uses: Cleaning and washing processes, surface spraying processes, foam suppression, degassing, gas and solid surface cooling, chemical reaction acceleration processes, water treatment