Tank Washing Nozzles

Tank washing nozzles are available from the most basic fixed wash balls to models that can wash 360 degrees by rotating around its own axis. With a single tank washing nozzle selected for the process, you can wash a small juice bottle or a giant tank with a diameter of 80 meters. While the nozzle rotates around its own axis, lubrication-lubrication occurs automatically, thus providing the possibility of working without the need for long-term maintenance.
While standard spraying angles of 90,180, 270, 360 degrees provide solutions for almost all tank washing processes, the hygiene rules demanded by the food industry are met with standard AISI 316L material. In some tank washing nozzle models, specially designed quick connection alternatives are offered. The most important feature of these connections is that they are fully insulated and designed to prevent bacteria production.
Thanks to the high-impact water jet, washing, rinsing, stripping, disinfecting can be done, the inner walls of the tank can be combed 360 degrees globally.
There are 3 basic groups as fixed washing balls, motorized (driven) washing nozzles, tank washing nozzles that can rotate around its own axis.